Manic Saturdays

Manic Saturdays

Today is one of my crazy Saturdays. Being a new business owner, performer and costumer is tough work!

imageFrom 12:30-1:30 We have Bump N Grind at All that Glitters Burlesque Academey. This class combines a fun saucy workout with classic bump n grind movement available for drop in every Saturday at the new studio at 4135 SE Gladstone Ave, Portland OR 97202. Drop ins are only $15 and packages are available. Today we revisited a favorite Lana Del Ray performance to Blue Jeans. A sexy rompace with some hip thrusting.

imageFrom 1:45-2:45 I teach Chair Dancing that incorperates core muscle strengthening with sexy chair dancing choreography. Today we played with a litte number by Lily Wilde called “No More Love.” This class is also a great drop in for ANY level! $15

After our drop ins I got to meet up with some fantastic FAN dancing students. After going over history, ostrich quality, feather maintenance and care, and basic grip; today we surpased our helicopter movements and began working on across the floor work, clam shells, and muscle strengthing for removing clothing while holding fans.

Following our fan escapade another hustle to the fabric store to grab some zippers. I am currently working on some pieces for one of my favorite customers Mizz Chaos. I am lucky to have a fan of my Holly Dai Boutique and as of now my more repeated customer. Here is a little blingyness I am working on for her latest performance.

The end of my day I had hoped to go out and support some of my students and colleagues in burlesque with a few local shows in Portland, however my body was too tired and I overslept my nap. Since I need to finish my stich n bitch tonight burlesque loveliness is out of the question.

Tassels and kisses
Holly Dai

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