Circus Church an Easter Phenomenom

Circus Church an Easter Phenomenom

imageRise and shine for the Sunday morning ritual in Portland: Circus Church. Described as a Sunday Brunch Variety Show at the Analog Cafe (720 SE Hawthorne); consisting of L.E.D. prop manipulation, and the burlesque arts.

Starting off the show our host Mizz Choas came out in the appropriate white bunny costume while party rock “Jesus” aka David D Daniels peed in the corner to start the show off with a kick.

imageFirst performance was by the multitalented Jasmine Rain. A former student of mine, an avid burlesque performer and bellydancer. With a sweet strip tease as another bunny for the morning festivivites. Following Jasmine Rain was Ilex RH which means “Holly” in latin so clearly I like this name; but let’s continue to say Ilex. Ilex came out doing a LED poi act as none other than Jesus as well. Can you tell there is a theme here?

imageVanity Thorn, Portland’s Plus size Pin-up came out decked in black and green with some a classic panel skirt and corset. Her number talked of kisses as she stared down the audience invoking hoots and hollers. After Vanity, another performer, Karma, did a spring hula hoop act evoking the rights of spring.

imageThe stand out performer of this show was in my opinion Erika Ryn In her first performance she did beautiful pink number reminiscent of I dream of Genie with long silk fans. For some reason the flow and movement reminded me of a fish swimming through the currents gracefully. In her second she was decking in gold and yellow with a feather skirt and gold isis wings. The muppet song “Manamana” played as she treated the audience to peeps Erika is also a one of the teacher at All that Glitters Burlesque for Belly-esque on Tuesday nights at 7:30. Drop in is $15 at 4135 SE Gladstone Ave, Portland 97202image

There was much of a repeat of performances from the same performers after a brief break with the addition of a new Ariel/Candyman performance by Fee the Fae. During the show was a sprinkling of games such as “confession” where audience members could write a confession and if they claimed the confession, they would receive a free admission to a church show of their choice.image Also pin the garter on the performer and even a lap dance by Jesus to the lucky paying patron. The end of the show was greated by a mall tradition everywhere: sitting on the Easter bunnies lap.

Ultimately not a shabby way to spend a Sunday morning with the religion of Circus.image

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