Mixology- a George Dickel whisky tasting.

Mixology- a George Dickel whisky tasting.

Monday involved a somewhat secretive invite only event for George Dickel Whisky at a speakeasy at Circa 33. Yes there was a bookcase with a certain book and a certain code to get into the event. Seriously, it was fantastic. We were greeted by representives from New York for the whisky George Dickel. Three delicious and free cocktails were on the menu. imageIn the middle of the room was an intriging handcrafted spice rack, which we later learned had a space to dry herbs, a place to toast spices on a lava rock with a copper conductor, a morter and pestle, and of course a bottle of Chef Adam’s handselected barrel of George Dickel whisk(e)y.

imageAfter perusing a selection of finely crafted and complementary drinks, my friend and former student from All that Glitters Burlesque Academy, Lucy Dhevlin, chose a sweet whisky cocktail with lemon and grenadine. Our second drink was a little more savory with orange bitters. I am kicking myself for not writing down the recipes exactly.

We then were invited to chow down on some hush puppies, ceasar salad, and mac and cheese with the promise of more on the way. imageThe first presentation was by Chef Adam, who spoke of the way to be connected to flavors by being a part of the process in which we draw the taste from spices. He toasted some spices, ground them and mixes them with salt before we were aloud to munch on some lamb.image

Then a whisk(e)y master from Oregon, Breck, had us try our first whisky, Dickel #1:a white whiskey. The white whiskey is the base of whiskey before being aged in the oak barrel. It smelled a bit like Tequilla. Next we tried Dickel #12 which had been aged for 1-2 years and had that natural brown caramel color. The next sip was from a 9 year old whiskey which was essentially smoother to try as the whiskey had been caramelizing in the barrel between the charcoal filter. And of course we got to try a sip of Chef Adam’s hand selected barrel. image

It was a fantastic afternoon and if it hadn’t been for the show I was attending in the evening, I could have easily overindulged. Cheers!

Tassels and kisses
Holly Dai

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