Gem Faire

Gem Faire

Every three to four months there is a Gem Faire in town. This show travels all around the states. The first time I attended I was hoping to find flatback rhinestones and other pieces I could use in my costuming, but alas the fair is more concerned about beads, gems, and jewelry making.image I did however come home with several bead strands that later became the makings for my handmade tassesl I make at Holly Dai Boutique. Walking into the fairground is a little intimidating to a first timer. This time, to get to the Gem Faire I drove 40 minute drive there, and 2 HOURS to get home. This is for the love of art, and inexpensive prices. There is at least one consistance vender with a whole rack of super shiny strands in all imagedifferent colors in prices you cant get at your local bead store or craft store. There is also findings in case you need lobster claws (ends of necklaces, or for my purposes pastie tassels)

There was also a ton of natural and polished crystals that were in all various sizes. It’s unfortunate that this little faire only appears every so months but hopefully I got enough to stock up for current orders and my imagefuture vending for Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend. YES I will be vending the first weekend of June in Vegas! Come by and see me as I will have tassels available for sale for $15 a piece premade. I cam away with a hug lot of new colors and more pieces sure to sparkle and delight! image Here is all the goodies and some not pictured that I came home with!

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