Day 1 in New Zealand

Day 1 in New Zealand

Day 1
Being an avid traveler of the states, the New Zealand Burlesque Festival has been the first opportunity I have had for an international festival and international travel. The hardest part about traveling is that I am absolutely addicted to crafting. Imagining myself not sewing or rhinestoning for 20 days seems like a night mare. But I managed to pack a few packets of glue, rhinestones and procured a borrowed sewing machine in Palmerston North.

After a miscommunication from reading my ticket wrong, I spent a good 12+ hours in LAX before security, huddled around a power socket and waiting for the international terminal to open to check in my bags. Unfortunately I learned that unlike domestic flights, international flights don’t run all the time and only open their kiosk 4 hours before each flight. So although I was in the airport at 8am, I was not able to check my bag until 7pm. Little did I know Bazuka Joe was in the same predicament for the same flight waiting around another power source too!

Eventually I was able to get on my flight and sat next to a sweet Aussie and New Zealander. Did a small bit of shopping at a fabric store and found the lovely fabric I am going to make a little skirt from as my New Zealand souvenir.image Due to some complications with my place, I ended up having to stay at a hotel which was a blessing in disguise with a lovely shower and nap.

I woke up around 8pm and went to the bar and met Danny Dangerously who took me over meet with MisRed, Cherry Lashes and Bazuka Joe. They insisted I eat a Pavlova which is like eating sweet air. We stayed for a bit before retiring to our rooms. Looking forward to the next days adventure!
xoxo Holly

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