Day 2 -NZBF

Day 2 -NZBF

imageDay 2 was much smoother for this weary traveler. I woke up super early at 7 am, and started getting ready for the day. After some breakfast with a few lovely kiwis I meet in the lobby, Miss Kitty Rose and Dixie Caramel, we braved the downpour of rain all the way to the shoe shop where they picked up umbrellas, and like the true northwesterner, I declined the umbrella and grabbed a scarf for my hair. Did a bit of mall shopping and was declined from buying my own wine as apparently I appear less than 24 and forgot my passport, go me!

imageBack at my room another lovely gem let me borrow her sewing machine and I spent most the day time rhinestoning and sewing. So I felt just like at home with rain, rhinestones, and whirling gears.

The promenade show was the first show of the festival. I had a little vending table. image I had several sizes of pasties in all different colors. I also had a variety of hair flowers, mucha style headdresses, light gauntlets and nets bras. I also took custom orders and had my measuring tape to allow for fittings. If you would like to see more of my costuming you can visit my etsy store at or my instragram at

During the first half I found two stand out performances. Bettsy Rose Lee did a darling cupcake act to start off the show. It was silly and well executed even dispite a little hicup with the cupcake frosting costume. image During her act she came out in point shoes and as she stripped down her cupcake layers we heard her gurgling stomach. This was only quelled by a massive amount of sprinkes leading up to her cupcake eating reveal. After this sweet confection exited on the stage there was a bevy of other beauties.

I particularily enjoyed the duet from Miss Kitty Rose and Dixie Caramel. image There duet timing was excellent and the simplicity of a classic show girl made quite an impression on the audience. Of course they sported one of the many showgirl costumes I spotted from the local Flo Foxworthy.

Back to intermission and me vending. During the second half two more acts were also worth mentioning. Amourous Avaimage Her Lagoon creature act was delightfully energetic and funny. She popped out fully garbed and did a wonderful glove peel and shimmy as well as being claimed in the name of science.

Lastly we had the honor of previewing the debut of an act by Ruby Ruin imagewho visited All that Glitters Burlesque Academy last year. She came out decked as a horse and we watched her whip, and neigh neigh. I LOVED THIS ACT. It was a very clever use of the song and costuming. There was prancing, pony whipping, and carrots involved.

The after party turned into me singing about 3 songs of Karoake before the exhaustion hit and I was in for the night.
Holly Dai

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