Why you should always buy from the Designer

Why you should always buy from the Designer

In our world we often go for the inexpensive clothing. Clothes that often were made to be priced low and paid their labor way less than livable wages. Cheap clothing not only hurts the people who physically make it, but hurts the earth as often it falls apart so quickly that many just toss it in the garbage.

Recently Micheline Pitt created a beautiful dress in collaboration with Ben Cooper. This limited edition is just beautiful. You can find more of her designs here. Shortly after, a lot of dresses popped up in knock off stores. While Micheline’s design retails for about $144 usd, the knock offs ranged from $12-19. Personally as a designer, I think $144 is reasonable for a dress. Not only are their yards of fabric that was hand drawn and designed by Micheline, but the style of dress plus the cost of the labor for the amount of time to put it together makes sense. And if your thinking, well it make not take that long for a trained seamstress, I am not only including their time for one dress, but the time it took to draw the fabric design, draft the pattern, design the slopers for each size, have the pieces cut, set up fittings, approve sizes, and more little design details that most people dont consider.

So I did what I highly encourage you NOT to do for the sake of this blog. I bought the knock off…..and I bought the real version. Here is my review. In the first picture I am wearing my Vixen dress. I am a size medium, 37″ bust, 29″ waist. The dress holds me in and is fitted to my body. I am shown wearing a belt because, yes the Vixen dress also includes a belt. The skirt is full of rouching and underneath I am wearing a small petticoat underneath. The fabric is a sturdy cotton, not a thin quilter cotton but has weight making steaming easier as well. The second dress is the knock off. First its made of stretch fabric that is much like the fabric of cheap Halloween clothing. The skirt is not full but can accommodate my petticoat. It feels like the only thing keeping me warm is my petticoat. The bust has no structure to hold me in. I usually definitely would never leave without a bra and for certain you could see my bra through the dress if I had worn one.

Also can we talk about color and cut? The color on the knock off is terrible. The yellow that was added is very unflattering. The bust is not sweetheart shaped either. You can see by a side by side comparison how full the Vixen dress is. You can also see that the bodice of the dress still has shape while the knock off lies flat. The pattern in the Vixen was carefully cut so that the pattern doesn’t have terrible repeats in the front, unlike the knock off.

Ok well lets open it up and look inside. The Vixen dress bodice is lined front to back while the dress skirt is not. They also put in the zipper in a hidden and secure fashion and finish all the seams. As you can see on the knock off, it is not fully lined, and the zipper is plopped in there. Look at those straps and raw edges? SHUDDER!!

Last, lets look at the skirt hem. I just cant with this dress. And seriously you shouldn’t either. It takes too much time and effort to rationalize getting a knock off. As for what I am going to do with this piece of garbage??? Insert shruggy emoji here!

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  1. As a person who makes a lot of her own clothes, I appreciate the hard work and fiddly bits. Knock offs are just cheap and nasty and promote slave labor.

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